Sunday, May 23, 2010

Facts about those who want FIREWORKS banned.

Just thought I'd post a few critical facts about those who hate freedom and want to ban FIREWORKS (a.k.a. FLAME-HATERS):

-FLAME-HATERS are unhappy people and want society to feel as miserable as they do.
-FLAME-HATERS cheat on their taxes.
-FLAME-HATERS enjoy telling children that there is no Santa Clause
-FLAME-HATERS take vials of their own PEE and pour it into the punchbowl at parties.
-In most cases, FLAME-HATERS are Anti-Semites.
-FLAME-HATERS will go out of their way to kick a puppy, punch a baby or push an elderly person down a flight of stairs.
-FLAME-HATERS love farting in crowded elevators, then hitting the button for every floor coming up.
-FLAME-HATERS promote tooth decay, and are a leading cause of GINGIVITIS!
-FLAME-HATERS like to use the American flag to wipe their A$$!
-FLAME-HATERS are closet pedophiles who fantasize about child rape.
-FLAME-HATERS also like smoking crystal meth, and have no problem selling it to an 8 year old.

And the #1 fact about FLAME-HATERS;


So remember kids, should you ever come across a FLAME-HATER, kick them in the nads and run away, before they start preaching their blasphemy against the good and wholesome name of FIREWORKS!

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