Friday, July 2, 2010

Once again, the COMMUNIST news media gets it wrong!

More proof that the mass media is under the control anti-freedom flame haters!

Make sure you have a barf bag handy while watching this mess. Then go out and use as many FIREWORKS as you can this 4th!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sociaist Alert: Anti American Dingbat Spews LIES!!!

We have yet another blasphemous LIE being preached by some tree hugging hippie that slanders the glorious name of FIREWORKS! The following link leads to pure evil, so be forewarned:

LIES!!! ALL OF IT!!! The retarded child that wrote this crap more than likely was the victim of fetal alcohol syndrome. Either that, or she has been taking way too much Ecstasy at those damn raves! Either way, this enviro-NAZI needs to be called out for the horror of her misinformation campaign, which is more then likely based on a secret desire to kill children and puppies.

Remember kids; people who want to ban FIREWORKS are miserable individuals, and they want everyone in the world to be miserable just like them. So if you meet one, encourage them to drink everything they find under the kitchen sink and then tell them go play in traffic!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Facts about those who want FIREWORKS banned.

Just thought I'd post a few critical facts about those who hate freedom and want to ban FIREWORKS (a.k.a. FLAME-HATERS):

-FLAME-HATERS are unhappy people and want society to feel as miserable as they do.
-FLAME-HATERS cheat on their taxes.
-FLAME-HATERS enjoy telling children that there is no Santa Clause
-FLAME-HATERS take vials of their own PEE and pour it into the punchbowl at parties.
-In most cases, FLAME-HATERS are Anti-Semites.
-FLAME-HATERS will go out of their way to kick a puppy, punch a baby or push an elderly person down a flight of stairs.
-FLAME-HATERS love farting in crowded elevators, then hitting the button for every floor coming up.
-FLAME-HATERS promote tooth decay, and are a leading cause of GINGIVITIS!
-FLAME-HATERS like to use the American flag to wipe their A$$!
-FLAME-HATERS are closet pedophiles who fantasize about child rape.
-FLAME-HATERS also like smoking crystal meth, and have no problem selling it to an 8 year old.

And the #1 fact about FLAME-HATERS;


So remember kids, should you ever come across a FLAME-HATER, kick them in the nads and run away, before they start preaching their blasphemy against the good and wholesome name of FIREWORKS!